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Foster care

Mental health disorders tend to be prevalent in foster families, either biologically or due to stressful environmental factors. Some studies indicate that update to 80% of foster children suffer with significant mental health disorders.

COVID-19 Young Adults

You may hear people joking that they "forgot how to socialize" or "how to dress in public". These comments are funny, but also relatable. There is some truth in those statements that we all resonate with.

History of Pride

The month of June is Pride month — a time for the LGBTQ+ community and allies to come together to celebrate and embrace identity. For families and caregivers, your support and acceptance of your loved one’s sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression can directly impact their mental wellness. Family support and acceptance is critical […]

Pandemic Aftershocks Couples

I think we can all agree that things haven’t been easy for awhile now. For some that has led to problems in their romantic relationships. While this is an unfortunate side effect of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean we have to just accept this as a sort of new normal.

Children and EMDR

The process for doing EMDR with children is different than with an adult. Additionally, it can require more preparation than regular play therapy.

Mental Health and Pregnancy

If a mother's anxiety goes untreated throughout her entire pregnancy, she is likely releasing high amounts of cortisol. Also known as the stress hormone. In turn, this affects her baby. Potential complications include prematurity and low birth weight.

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Mental Health Q&A

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Jeremiah Kats, LMHC, NCC discusses what a diagnosis means for your child. Often stigmatized, some parents view a diagnosis as a negative thing, and in some cases they might not seek treatment in order to avoid a diagnosis. Learn more about what it means to be diagnosed, and why it’s a great thing for your child if they are struggling.

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