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I began to fall asleep at inappropriate times. For instance, during class, on the bus, before dinner, after dinner, etc. As a result, my parents and I became more concerned. I eventually saw doctors and therapists to work on improving my sleep.

Employers and COVID-19

Managers should be supporting employees in finding a healthy work-life balance, something that will likely be a struggle for many people, as these lines have been very much blurred throughout COVID-19.


Kids need a safe place to share feelings, vent, and release stress. If your kids are challenged by another summer that may not feel normal you can continue to connect with them by listening to their struggles. This increases a sense of support in difficult times.

healing as a foster child

It takes a lot of work to rewire the brain for safety and to challenge past circumstances.

Pandemic Aftershock Young Children

As parents, we love our children and want the best for them, but we aren’t superhuman. Allow a professional to help them explore some of their feelings about COVID-19.


At the time, we were living in Oregon, which was far away from our families in Iowa. I felt very alone in my grief and lost and unsure of how to manage my range of emotions as I coped with the loss.

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Jeremiah Kats, LMHC, NCC discusses what a diagnosis means for your child. Often stigmatized, some parents view a diagnosis as a negative thing, and in some cases they might not seek treatment in order to avoid a diagnosis. Learn more about what it means to be diagnosed, and why it’s a great thing for your child if they are struggling.

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