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Taking the first step on your mental health journey can be tough. Read on for insight and tips provided by our licensed mental health professionals at Covenant Family Solutions. When you are ready to take that next step, please reach out to schedule an appointment. You’re worth it.

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Find inspiration on your path to mental wellness. Please note, these articles are not a replacement for personal medical advice.

We don’t start and stop living based solely on completing an accomplishment. These are milestones that are a reflection of your hard work and dedication, but you are so much more than just the things you do.

When people think of a Substance Use Disorder (SUD), they often picture someone who is down on their luck. For example, they might think of someone who is homeless, unemployed, has health problems or is in legal trouble.

Children, by nature, are very vulnerable. Therefore, they are very reliant on the adults in their lives to help them. This makes them more susceptible to abuse.

Shaming yourself can easily bring you back to seeking comfort and familiarity by indulging in the very thing you are trying to change. Allow yourself grace, but try not to justify your behaviors at the same time.

Getting to the point where you can consistently be emotionally available for your partner can be a difficult path and there is much that goes into it. One of the most important ingredients is self-esteem. It is hard and painfully difficult to let someone else inside the castle walls if we don’t like what is in there.

We’ve all heard that aftershocks are often worse than the original earthquake. Similarly, it is not uncommon for people to be a rock star during a crisis only to fall apart after it is over.

When trauma happens, especially to a child, it is natural for them to envision it as happening to someone else. This is where dissociation comes in. The brain learns that when there is a negative feeling, thought, or event, it can cope by creating distance. Individuals with DID use this emotional and physical distance to get through traumatic experiences.

Research shows that early intervention can help tremendously. For instance, it improves learning, communication, and social skills. Individualized treatment is necessary to help each person's specific needs. For instance, behavioral interventions, speech therapies, occupational therapies, medication, or a combination of methods may be needed.

It is a common misconception that kids are "going through a phase" when they vocalize their feelings on gender identity. For some this may be true, but for many it is not.

Parents can encourage healthy dating behavior by modeling positive behaviors in their own relationships. If teens see their parents engaging in healthy habits, they are more likely to do the same.

Children are resilient. If they experience a traumatic event, it does not mean they have to be affected now or later in life. They can recover. It is important to recognize the signs of mental health problems and try to get your child help before these events impact them even more.

When I finally allowed myself to try being present in the here and now, I saw the benefits firsthand. Without labeling my state of being as good or bad, I found moments of peace. I realized there is a lot of beauty and growth in the present moment. For example, noticing the way the breeze feels or how the grass smells. Similarly, I found that stillness and peace can provide insight and drive progress.

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